Other Clinicians

Nurse Practitioner

Kathy Leach – Female

Kathy is a prescribing nurse practitioner who works full time at Sunny Meed surgery.

She covers all aspects of chronic disease management undertaking both face to face and phone appointments. She has a specialist interest in diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease as well as medication reviews. She also manages patient who present acutely to primary care.

Kathy has leadership responsibilities in supporting and coordinating the nursing team.

Paramedic Practitioner

Mr Andrew Bawler – Male

Andy is a specialist paramedic with over 17 years experience as an emergency care practitioner who undertakes all home visits and face to face appointments.

He is responsible for assessing and managing all patients (including babies and children) presenting to primary care and is currently undertaking his independent prescriber training. He has a specialist interest in mental health.

He will lead resuscitation training for the surgery and service users as well as providing training for the recognition and management of emergencies scenarios within the family.

Clinical Pharmacist

Ms Holly Mitchell

Holly Mitchell offers a medicine reconciliation and review service for patients to improve safety as well as understanding around prescribed and over the counter medications.