Armed Forces Personnel and Veterans

What Sunny Meed has done and is doing to help improve the health of our veterans:

  • Appointed a champion for veteran’s health – Dr Sara Gil Rivas.
  • Highlighted the coding of veterans in medical records to improve identification during consultations and have implemented the Armed Forces Covenant.
  • Run surgery campaigns to increase recognition of veterans.
  • Ensured that veterans that require referral are highlighted to hospital services in letters.
  • Provided accessible and flexible appointments that can be booked online, on the phone or in the surgery at all times of the day.
  • A veteran’s questionnaire will be handed out to veterans to try and get their views on the surgery and identify their specific needs.
  • Trained all staff about the Armed Forces Covenant and ensured that they are aware of signposting to specific support organisations.
  • Improved our website links to meet the specific needs of veterans registered.
  • Offer a 10% reduction for all non – NHS charges