Older Adults

The whole team are active in ensuring that all older patients registered have access to any support and guidance that they need.

What Sunny Meed has done and is doing to help improve the health of the older generation:

  • Appointed all staff members as “champions” for older people’s health.
  • Improved our website links to meet the specific needs of older adults registered with us.
  • Built up excellent communication with teams who also look after older patients: Bedser hub, Age UK, District Nurses and Action for Carers.
  • Provided accessible and flexible appointments that can be booked online, on the phone or in the surgery at all times of the day.
  • An older person’s questionnaire has been handed out to try and get their views on the surgery.
  • Have GPs who treat everyone as equal, and give older people the time needed to express their concerns and discuss both physical and emotional issues.
  • Ensured all staff including reception staff are aware of the confidentiality and safeguarding needed for older and more vulnerable people as well as being up to date with dementia.
  • Arrange home visits as needed.
  • Record the information provided by older people accurately and efficiently during consultations as well as ensuring that contact details of next of kin are kept up to date.
  • Offer all newly retired patients general health checks.