Young Patients

We welcome all children and young people to our surgery and we will respect your privacy, dignity and religious or cultural beliefs.

Our mission is to help you stay physically and emotionally healthy!

Our doctors and nurses can give you help and advice about any worries you have about your health including: sexual health and contraception, weight issues, skin problems, stress, alcohol, drugs smoking and lots more.

Top tips about coming in to see a doctor or nurse:

  • If you feel nervous bring a trusted friend or relative with you.
  • If you are worried you will forget to mention something write a list and bring it with you.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the Doctor/Nurse to explain things if you don’t understand.

What Sunny Meed has done and is doing to help improve the health of the younger generation:

  • Appointed Susan Zand as “Champion” for young people’s health.
  • Made younger people’s registration for the surgery as quick and easy as possible, requiring no proof of address.
  • Provided accessible and flexible appointments that can be booked online, on the phone or in the surgery at all times of the day.
  • A young person’s questionnaire has been handed out to try and get their views on the surgery.
  • Have GPs who treat everyone as equal, and give young people the time needed to express their concerns.
  • Allow young people to book appointments and see a GP on their own, with NO lower age limit.
  • Take the time to arrange follow-up appointments to give younger people the opportunity of fully expressing their concerns.
  • Ensure the reception staff are aware of the confidentiality and safeguarding needed for younger people.
  • Record the information provided by younger people accurately and efficiently during consultations.
  • Improving our website links to meet the specific needs of young adults registered with us.